Share Your Story – And Win a Chance to Meet Dale Jr.

Posted by Elizabeth Jennings at 1:46 pm, July 15, 2014

Here’s another edition of Share Your Story! You all have shared such great comments and stories on our Facebook page, that we opened up our Share Your Story initiative on our website to include comments as well as video! We would love if you could share with us what coal means to you, your family or your community by writing a few words or filming a short video. We will be posting our favorites to our website for others to see how important coal is to our country and to our energy future. Visit to share YOUR story, and you will automatically be entered in our contest to meet Dale Earnhardt, Jr. this fall in Miami.

Check out what others have been sharing with us below!


“What the EPA is doing is making it impossible to run a business or if they can run a business it is so expensive people cannot afford to purchase the product. Also without coal and oil a lot of the products you rely on will no longer exist and if it does only an elite few will be able to afford it. For instance electricity- How are you going to drive to work? Do some research and see just what you will be missing because of a few zealots think coal and oil is bad. You might change your mind.”

“I wonder if EPA Execs uses candles to light their huge homes??”

“Coal, living here in southern WV, is the source of life. It creates our energy that powers our homes, businesses, and lights our streets. It is where the money comes from that buys food and everything we need to survive. That money goes to local business that provide income to their workers. We need coal to survive. Please stop taking away our livelihood.”

“Coal kept our house warm, water hot, oven baking…. and provided ashes to carry out. I remember being so excited when I found it also kept the lights on!”

“Coal is the central source of my livelihood. I run a coal fired generator. It is one of the cleanest in the world today! It provides the electricity you need to cool your home in the summer heat! Did you know that coal makes something that gas, solar and wind can’t come close to? It’s called mega vars or millions of VARS. MVARS is what it takes to push the electricity through transmission lines to supply the grid many miles away! In fact that power might be a hundred miles or more from the big city it supplies. So this summer, stay cool under the A/C knowing that I’m going to crank out the electricity……But I can’t do it without coal.”

“Coal has been our family’s livelihood for nearly 25 years. It put food on our table, shoes on our children’s feet and a roof over our head. Thankful for our local coal powered plant and the jobs it provides.”

“Coal is the life blood of my community, county and the state of West Virginia.”


These stories are great, and really remind us of what is at stake. Please share your story, and also visit our comment tool to tell the EPA to keep  our electricity affordable and reliable! Visit today.

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