Spotlight on Regan Smith #7

Posted by Laura Sheehan at 11:37 am, August 11, 2014

Our hearts are still racing after watching our teammate Regan Smith race the America’s Power #7 car in Watkins Glen this past weekend! Clean Coal Car Not only does Regan make us proud on the track, but he’s also a great advocate for America’s Power outside the racetrack. In fact, what many fans may not realize about Regan is that in addition to being a NASCAR star, he’s also a homeowner and active member in his community.

Whether it’s providing power for his family, or powering the businesses he depends on in his community, Regan knows that affordable electricity plays an important role in the daily lives of Americans. Furthermore, his partnership with America’s Power has helped Regan understand that affordable energy is made possible through our nation’s most abundant, affordable and reliable fuel source: coal.

We had the chance to travel with Regan to the Prairie State Energy Campus in Illinois last October, where he had a chance to witness clean coal technology firsthand and see how Illinois’ abundant coal deposits helped create high-paying jobs for hundreds of employees and affordable electricity for thousands of households and businesses across the region.

When he’s not zooming around the track, keep an eye out for Regan Smith as he travels across the nation with America’s Power. We want to continue sharing with Regan, and having Regan share with you, what a vital role coal plays in our nation’s energy portfolio.

From providing jobs at cutting-edge power plants like Prairie State, to keeping NASCAR tracks throughout the U.S. affordably powered, coal is necessary to keep our nation racing toward a more promising energy and economic future.

Join Regan and America’s Power in standing up for affordable energy by visiting today.

Together – you, Regan Smith and America’s Power – can continue advocating for the fuel that most affordably and reliably powers our nation.

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