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A Day with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Last week, I had the fun privilege of spending the day with our partner and NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. As a small business owner, Dale Jr. appreciates the importance of affordable energy. His businesses, JR Motorsports and Whisky River rely on affordable coal-based electricity to prep his cars and serve his customers. Without reliable, low-cost power from coal, which comprises more than half of North Carolina’s energy portfolio, the future of businesses like Dale Jr.’s could be jeopardized.

During our visit, Dale Jr. sat down with Dave Green, a mine rescue captain with Alpha Natural Resources to learn more about the cutting-edge safety technologies being used by companies like Alpha, which have taken impressive strides to improve safety in the coal production process. It was a great conversation and we look forward to sharing it with you in June.

Dale Jr. also conducted a number of radio interviews, including:

But aside from “talking shop,” we were able to have some fun too. On set, Dale Jr. took photos with #7 driver Regan Smith’s America’s Power car, in his own fire suit and even with Killer, his adorable bull dog:

All in all, it was a great day and we look forward to continuing a fantastic partnership with Dale Jr. and JR Motorsports – and hopefully seeing Dale win the Sprint Cup this year!

Stay tuned in the coming months for more from our day with Dale Jr.

Real People, Real Stories

Communities across America – from New Hampshire to Arizona, Alaska to Florida – all depend on low-cost coal for electricity. Energy is not a regional issue, nor is it a partisan issue; it is everyone’s issue. American families and businesses alike depend on affordable electricity to power their daily lives.

Throughout the years, America’s Power has had the chance to meet real Americans in real communities across the country who have shared their stories with us. Sitting down at their kitchen tables, walking through their communities and visiting their businesses, we’ve witnessed firsthand how policy made in Washington, D.C. impacts these men and women. We’ve spoken with a wide array of stakeholders, including parents, small business owners, manufacturers, corporate leaders, community leaders, and more.

These are real people telling their personal stories. They aren’t glamorous or staged; they are honest and candid. As the fight to protect affordable energy from coal against onerous regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues, it seems President Obama, EPA Administrator McCarthy and others in the administration have no interest in hearing the perspectives of those they represent—and those who will bear the greatest burden of their policymaking.

Since Washington won’t visit these communities, we’re sharing their important stories in our “Real People, Real Stories” video series.



Stand with these Americans by voicing your opposition to EPA policies that jeopardize affordable, dependable electricity from coal.

On the Road: Affordable Power in Missouri

The ACCCE Mobile Classroom is continuing on the road this summer. After a quick stop in Illinois, we’re in Missouri this week to visit with the residents of the Show Me State. Missouri is powered by coal, receiving 82 percent of its electricity from one of America’s most abundant natural resources.

If you’re visiting the Missouri State Fair, be sure to stop by and check out our Mobile Classroom. Loaded with fun interactive materials and touch screen educational displays, you’ll be sure to learn more about the important role that coal plays in the United States. And of course there’ll be free America’s Power hats and shirts! If you can’t make it to the fair, be sure keep up with us on Facebook.

States that heavily rely on coal, like Missouri, have significantly lower electricity bills—helping both small business and families. With stable, reliable electricity from coal, Missourians can count on more consistent electricity prices to help balance their small business or family budgets. Find out more about Missouri’s energy mix from our State Energy Map.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster visited the Mobile Classroom.

Biden to Visit Virginia

VP Joe Biden and a Clean Coal team memberToday, Vice President Joe Biden is visiting Virginia as part of his two-day campaign across the state.  As we’ve mentioned, Virginia is a crucial state in the election this year, with energy playing a major role in job creation and the state’s economy.

Energy independence is a crucial topic this election, and it is also an extremely important issue for families and small businesses in Virginia. In general, states that rely on coal have lower electric rates. Today, nearly 42 percent of households in Virginia spend about 25 percent of their after-tax income on energy. Higher rates are something that Virginians cannot afford.

New EPA regulations are threatening this homegrown energy resource, which could potentially lead to rate increases and threatened reliability.  Earlier this year, Vice President Biden said this country “desperately” needed coal—but these EPA regulations are making it more difficult to use this natural resource.

It is time for the EPA to slow down, and allow America to use its resources more efficiently—making energy more affordable for families who need it most.

Coal is the one of the most abundant energy resources in America today, and we must make sure that it remains a part of the energy conversation.

As campaigns continue across the country, be sure to tell candidates, friends and family: coal is an essential, homegrown energy resource.

On the Road with ACCCE

Across the country, millions of hard-working Americans rely on coal-based electricity to keep the lights on. In small towns and big cities, we know that coal helps provide the energy to keep your  communities running.

And soon, we’ll be visiting those communities.

ACCCE’s Mobile Classroom is back, and this time, the revamped classroom is full of new materials and information about the importance of coal across the country. The first stop for the classroom this round will be at Ohio’s State Fair.

In a state where nearly 80 percent of the electricity comes from coal, residents depend on the affordable energy from coal. Ohio families spend an estimated 13 percent of their incomes on energy, so low, stable electricity prices matter to those living in the Buckeye State.

And if you happen to go to the Ohio State Fair, be sure to swing by the Mobile Classroom and say hi. We’ve got a lot of great information to share.


No Pitstops for Our Economy

You may be following our partnership with JR Motorsports over on Facebook. Today, we’re proud to feature a guest post from JRM’s own Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

By Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of the No. 88 car at a NASCAR race gives me a unique perspective on power. It’s pretty simple: My focus is to drive the car to victory, using all of my resources. The same thing goes for getting our economy back on track: We need to focus on using American resources to help us grow and remain the most competitive, innovative country on the planet.

That’s why I’m proud of our partnership with the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE). When it comes to powering the resilient small businesses and families around this country, coal can’t be beat. Many family-run small businesses across the country—just like JR Motorsports—depend on stable expenses from month to month. Until our partnership with America’s Power, I didn’t realize coal helps keep electricity prices consistent from month to month, something that helps us plan our future endeavors as a business.

Not only that, states that use more coal have lower electricity rates. We’re lucky that JR Motorsports is in North Carolina—a state that gets more than half its electricity from coal. We need to provide the most affordable electricity that we can to all Americans. That means using the two centuries worth of coal beneath us.

Now’s the time to focus on using all of our resources to bring our nation forward, so that we can drive our businesses and families to a more prosperous future. Coal is an American resource that can fuel our economy to do just that.

Clean Coal Driven By Cole

Tomorrow, the No. 88 Clean Coal Chevrolet will hit the Dover International Speedway for its first race. We’re excited to see driver Cole Whitt race a car showcasing something that so many Americans rely on everyday: coal.

Not only does coal provide affordable electricity for small business and families, with more than two centuries within our borders, it’s our country’s most abundant natural resource. That’s why it’s important for Americans to know that coal isn’t only supporting the No. 88 car tomorrow, it’s helping to support our recovering economy.

Look for Cole on the track tomorrow, and be sure to stop by Facebook for a special race day message from Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Coal Fuels

Coal fuels a lot of things—like schools, hospitals, fire stations and data centers. And today, we’re excited to add the team of the No. 88 race car to that list.

America’s Power will be partnering with JR Motorsports for races and events throughout this summer. With drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Cole Whitt, we’re looking forward sharing information about the benefits of coal-based electricity with race fans and spectators.

So when you’re watching the races, whether it’s at home or the track, look for America’s Power on the No. 88 car. Get the details below and join us as we cheer on Dale Jr. and the team on Facebook.