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Congress Reminds Obama of His Plan of Empty Promises

President Obama will soon be heading to Europe to sell his so-called Clean Power Plan to world leaders. Before he goes, however, the gaping holes in his rule will be showcased during Wednesday’s House Science, Space, and Technology Committee hearing appropriately titled, “The Administration’s Empty Promises for the International Climate Treaty.” Led by Texas Congressman and committee chairman Lamar Smith, the hearing will reveal exactly what Obama and EPA are delivering to our country and to leaders around the world: empty promises.

We’ve told you before the president’s power plan will cause huge spikes in electricity costs. Now NERA Economic Consulting vice president Dr. Anne Smith will explain just how our country will be impacted by detailing NERA’s recent study which found the power plan would:

  • Raise energy prices in all of the Lower 48 states
  • Cause peak year price increase of at least 20 percent in 28 states and more than 30 percent in 14 states
  • Cost up to $292 billion in compliance costs

Chairman Smith said, “The pledge to the U.N. is estimated to prevent only a 0.03-degree Celsius temperature rise. There is a reason the president chose to bypass Congress in order to negotiate a climate deal on his own. The president’s plan gives control of U.S. energy policy to unelected United Nations officials. This plan ignores good science and only seeks to advance a partisan political agenda.”

With financial distress this plan would cause and next to zilch environmental benefits, it’s clear why 27 states are suing the Obama Administration and legislators in both chambers are filing a resolution of disapproval to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from enacting its costly plan.

President Obama should remember one thing when he’s bragging about his power plan to other nations at COP21: His own country isn’t backing him up because his plan causes too much economic ruin for American families. It’s time the president think about just what he’s actually selling – a shiny yet costly and ineffective plan at the expense of American families – when he goes to Paris.


Obama plans on playing trick or treat at climate conference

Forget Halloween ghosts and goblins – you should be scared of what President Obama is plotting for the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference. The president is traveling to Paris to tout the Environmental Protection Agency’s legally flawed carbon plan with the hope of striking an international climate deal at the conference.

The president is clearly in the holiday spirit because his plans in Paris include a lot of “trick or treating.” He will be handing out treats to participating nations by parading EPA’s carbon plan as an example other countries should follow and committing American taxpayer dollars to helping other countries reduce their carbon emissions. American residents, meanwhile, will only get tricks, as his draconian carbon plan saddles our country with restrictions on new and existing power plants that will drive up electricity prices for American families.

Here’s a haunting thought: The president is willing to sweet talk his way into convincing other countries’ leaders to buy into his flawed plan, but he won’t be talking about the opposition to the his plan here at home. Twenty-four states have filed a lawsuit against EPA to stop implementation of the plan and elected officials in Washington, D.C., and across the country are speaking out about the obvious legal flaws and devastating costs. The upcoming climate change talks should not be another platform for him to sign an agreement that would usurp our nation’s laws and impose more pain on the American people.

Obama has no business deciding who gets tricks or treats this year. As the climate talks draw near, be aware of the costly changes that are in store for our nation as we get tricked by our own president.


Carson and Trump need to stop hiding on EPA carbon plan

We’re well into Halloween season and we’re asking Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson to take off their masks during tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate in Colorado. Residents in coal-powered states like Colorado, which derives 64 percent of its electricity from coal, deserve to know what the two leading candidates have in store for President Obama’s carbon plan. The costs of this plan on American families are simply too high for these frontrunners to ignore.

It’s imperative Trump and Carson – who have yet to inform the public where they stand on the president’s expensive scheme, which drastically cuts carbon emissions in both new and existing power plants and cost taxpayers billions  – do so during tonight’s debate.


The debate titled “Your Money, Your Vote,” conveniently serves as a vehicle for Carson and Trump, as well as the eight other GOP hopefuls attending, to tell the country how they plan to defend taxpayers against this costly measure.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Ohio Governor John Kasich and Florida Senator Marco Rubio have publicly denounced the plan and their states are suing EPA for its lawless attempt to take over how states generate electricity. Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum vow to stop the expensive regulation its tracks if elected president while Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz all warn EPA’s illegal plan will cause energy prices to soar for consumers.

That takes us back to Trump and Carson. The 59 low- and middle-income households—nearly one million in Colorado alone— who won’t be able to afford to keep the lights on if energy prices soar are wondering: how will these two presidential hopefuls combat EPA’s money-sucking plan?

They may be popular in the polls, but now it’s time for them to put away their Halloween costumes and turn their attention to the financial wellbeing of our country’s consumers.

Diverse Groups Urge Attorneys General to Fight Carbon Rule

Demand is growing for states to take up the fight against the Environmental Protection Agency’s radical and unlawful carbon plan. The latest voices to call on state attorneys general to add their names to a lawsuit to stop the so-called Clean Power Plan from being implemented represent a diverse array of stakeholders including Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform, the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Independent Women’s Forum, the Hispanic Leadership Fund and the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

This coalition sent a joint letter to state attorneys general across the nation asking them to not only join their 20 plus peers who are already taking legal action but also to take resistance a step further by refusing to begin implementation plans before all legal challenges are resolved.

The joint letter clearly lays out the numerous arguments against states falling into line with EPA’s mandate:

  • “States should not be forced to cede power over their own electrical systems to the federal government, especially when the carbon rule’s legality remains in question.”
  • “Legal scholars overwhelmingly agree that the carbon rule is not just void of statutory authority and illegal under the Clean Air Act, but that the rule is also in violation of the U.S. Constitution.”
  • “Obama’s carbon rule amounts to a federal takeover of the electricity system and is a direct affront to state sovereignty, setting a dangerous precedent for state and federal relations going forward.”

The attorneys general already fighting the rule know two things. One, the rule is harmful to the citizens of their states; and, two, it violates the law. Those factors should be reason enough for every state’s attorney general to oppose the carbon regulation. The erosion of states’ rights is only further justification for them to take a stand against this egregious misuse of executive power. As the coalition letter says, “States should work to uphold their sovereignty and to protect the well being of their citizens and businesses from this onerous and unlawful regulation.”

Only by working together can states defeat the Obama Administration’s unlawful and costly takeover of the electricity system. The attorneys general who are undecided on this issue should heed our and the coalition’s call to action and join their colleagues in fighting for their states’ sovereignty and the well being of their citizens.

Just How Aware is the President During Energy Awareness Month?

It’s tough to think of October as Energy Awareness Month when the same administration that conjured up the concept is the same one touting a new rule to limit carbon emissions from new and existing power plants. The president’s plan will be a disaster for American families, especially low-income and minorities, raising their electricity prices and threatening energy reliability.

For a president who devoted an entire month to energy awareness, how could he be so blatantly unaware of his plan’s costly implications?

President Barack Obama proclaimed October the first ever Energy Awareness Month in 2009.  The original Energy Awareness Month encourages Americans to make smart energy choices and invest in energy efficiency and innovation – great ideas all of us can support up to a point.

Flash forward six years and it seems the focus has changed. Obama renewed the proclamation again this year, however, now there’s an emphasis on implementing an illegal and unworkable carbon reduction plan that will raid American household budgets. Obama’s plan hits consumers with costs that will drastically increase electricity prices for families and businesses. According to a study of the proposed plan, consumers and businesses can expect to pay a whopping $41 billion or more in implementation costs every year.

The administration may be rallying for its carbon plan during its so-called Energy Awareness Month, but a huge swath of the country is not. In fact, elected officials in 32 states  are on the record publically opposing the plan and better than 20 state attorneys general are expected to take legal action against the rule because it violates states’ rights.

Is the president unaware of the well-founded, widespread dislike for his plan? Or, is he so wedded to meeting his legacy goals that he just doesn’t care what costly consequences will be heaped on American families and businesses? Sadly, it appears to be the latter.

Energy awareness should mean being conscious of the outcomes our national energy policies produce.  It should mean endorsing sound, commonsense policies to ensure households and businesses have the energy they need, at prices that will not cause them to go bankrupt.  The overreaching carbon plan being foisted on the states and all of us fails those tests and should serve as a clarion call to make elected officials across the country aware of the ramifications of putting political agendas ahead of real world priorities.

Watch Out for the Rhetoric Tomorrow Night

Democratic presidential candidates take the stage tomorrow night for the first Democratic Primary Debate on CNN at 9 p.m. EST. Most of the contenders, particularly frontrunners like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, are expected to show off shiny platforms that vilify fossil fuels. Taking it a step farther, these candidates will show they are in lock step with the president’s climate agenda, especially his recently issued Costly Power Plan.

Hillary Clinton is already rallying for the plan saying, “It’s a good plan, and I’d defend it. We can and must go further.” Candidates Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee all also publicly support the plan.

What the candidates will fail to vocalize is that the plan they are touting has the exact same costly flaws attached to it as the “cap and trade” legislation from Obama’s earlier years – which ended up ousting over three dozen of its supporters from their political seats.

Cap and Trade

Instead of learning from the past, the Democratic candidates are doubling down on the president’s plan to regulate where he couldn’t legislate. They will tout their credentials as champions for the working class yet they support energy policies that will leave families paying more for electricity. They will tell us broad support exists for action like the carbon plan despite recent political history showing us this type of policy is a political loser. Is this what we want from our next president? Someone who says one thing and does the opposite?

When you’re watching the debate, think twice about the candidates on stage who are supporting this political loser. If you’re appalled by a potential president who will continue to champion this faulty carbon plan – regardless of the facts – at the expense of our country’s taxpayers, it’s time to stand up against the current administration’s misguided carbon agenda.

Make sure candidates answer your carbon plan questions during the CNN debate tonight. Submit your question by tweeting or visiting CNN’s website.

EPA Outdoes Itself with Final Carbon Plan, Consumers Pay the Price

When it comes to bureaucratic overreach, the Environmental Protection Agency just took the proverbial cake when issuing its final rule regulating carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. In doing so, EPA usurped the authority of virtually every state in the nation, while unleashing both sky-high energy cost increases for consumers and irreversible damage to the reliability of America’s electric grid.

EPA’s final rule is the most expensive ever imposed on the electric power sector. According to analysis of the proposed rule conducted by NERA Economic Consulting, consumers will see double-digit electricity rate increases in 43 states if the plan is implemented. These increases will be particularly devastating for the 59 million low- and middle-income families who may be forced to choose to keep the lights on or food on the table.

How else does the final rule affect America?

  • The nation’s electricity grid will be jeopardized. Nearly 20 percent of the U.S. coal fleet is currently scheduled to retire, largely due to recent EPA policies. Once coal plants go offline, they cannot be brought back online to generate electricity during times of greatest demand. As a result, America’s grid, which is not prepared to operate on renewable energy sources, would require an estimated $2 trillion in upgrades by 2030.
  • Perhaps the biggest blow of all, EPA’s carbon regulations will have virtually no effect on its stated purpose: climate change. At best, the rule will reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations by less than one-half of one percent, global average temperature by less than 2/100th of a degree and sea level rise by the thickness of three sheets of paper – all at a cost few can afford.

Because EPA deliberately misinterpreted the Clean Air Act, this illegal rule engendered the opposition of elected and environmental officials from 32 states and legal experts. In fact, President Obama’s former law professor, renowned constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe, likened the regulation to “burning the Constitution.”


Mike Duncan, president and CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, said it best today: “This rule fails across the board, but most troubling is that it fails the millions of families and businesses who rely on affordable electricity to help them keep food on the table and the lights on.”

We will continue to fight until this illegal takeover of America’s energy system is overturned by the courts. Stay tuned for updates on how America’s Power is making sure electricity remains affordable for all Americans.

The Truth Behind EPA’s Energy Policy

When someone criticizes the Environmental Protection Agency, the normal response nowadays is a retort along the lines of, “What did Mother Nature ever do to you?” or “So, you hate puppies and all things good, then?” Yes, I may be exaggerating, but don’t miss my overall point: Americans should feel free, and indeed obligated, to analyze and criticize the actions of federal government agencies. Since our tax dollars fund these massive institutions, it should be expected that we monitor their policies and initiatives, and EPA is no exception.

For the past several years, EPA has targeted domestic energy industries, particularly those producing fossil fuels, under the guise that doing so will significantly thwart climate change and produce a stronger economy. The coal industry in particular has been pinpointed by such EPA policies, which have been cited as a factor in the closure of 62,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity (393 coal units) in 36 states as of June 18. Entire communities have been devastated by these closures, forcing state officials to cope with weakened regional economies and increased unemployment. Hard-working Americans have seen their way of life destroyed for the sake of EPA’s politically fashionable and hastily implemented agenda.

Unfortunately, these irresponsible practices continue to persist in the form of additional, burdensome regulations. What does this trend actually mean for the environment? Will more layoffs, plant shutdowns and intentional economic dilapidation add up to a greener planet? EPA’s proposed carbon regulations, the centerpiece of its climate change program, would reduce sea level rise by a mere 1/100th of an inch – the equivalent of three sheets of paper! From an economic standpoint, the effects are even less inspiring; economic analysis reveals the costs to comply with the plan could total $366 billion, or more, in today’s dollars. Consumers will ultimately foot the bill for these rising costs, which include double-digit electricity price increases in 43 states. Consider the amount of irreversible economic damage these regulations will cause compared to their practically nonexistent environmental achievement and ask yourself, “isn’t there a better way?”

America’s coal industry has undergone vast and impressive improvements to use coal more cleanly and efficiently than ever before. Emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from coal-fueled power plants have been reduced by approximately 90 percent over the period of 1970-2014. Meanwhile, the industry continues to provide jobs to over 700,000 hard-working Americans and pump revenue and ingenuity into our national economy. As America’s most expansive electricity source, coal provides reliable and affordable energy to families and businesses across the country. States benefit as well; those that generate the majority of their electricity from coal pay on average 11 percent less than the national average.

If EPA wants to make a true, lasting difference in the well-being of our national and global environment, stifling entrepreneurship and hindering families is not the right approach. Instead, incentivize existing industries to develop and utilize cleaner technologies. Encourage responsible growth so businesses can more easily contribute to scientific research and innovation. The American people, and their more manageable power bills, will thank you.