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Watch Out for the Rhetoric Tomorrow Night

Democratic presidential candidates take the stage tomorrow night for the first Democratic Primary Debate on CNN at 9 p.m. EST. Most of the contenders, particularly frontrunners like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, are expected to show off shiny platforms that vilify fossil fuels. Taking it a step farther, these candidates will show they are in lock step with the president’s climate agenda, especially his recently issued Costly Power Plan.

Hillary Clinton is already rallying for the plan saying, “It’s a good plan, and I’d defend it. We can and must go further.” Candidates Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee all also publicly support the plan.

What the candidates will fail to vocalize is that the plan they are touting has the exact same costly flaws attached to it as the “cap and trade” legislation from Obama’s earlier years – which ended up ousting over three dozen of its supporters from their political seats.

Cap and Trade

Instead of learning from the past, the Democratic candidates are doubling down on the president’s plan to regulate where he couldn’t legislate. They will tout their credentials as champions for the working class yet they support energy policies that will leave families paying more for electricity. They will tell us broad support exists for action like the carbon plan despite recent political history showing us this type of policy is a political loser. Is this what we want from our next president? Someone who says one thing and does the opposite?

When you’re watching the debate, think twice about the candidates on stage who are supporting this political loser. If you’re appalled by a potential president who will continue to champion this faulty carbon plan – regardless of the facts – at the expense of our country’s taxpayers, it’s time to stand up against the current administration’s misguided carbon agenda.

Make sure candidates answer your carbon plan questions during the CNN debate tonight. Submit your question by tweeting or visiting CNN’s website.

What Candidates Are Saying About Obama’s Carbon Rule

The 2016 presidential race is heating up, and so are candidates’ positions on the administration’s illegal carbon plan that will mandate emission reductions from new and existing power plants in 49 states.

Where does your candidate stand? A rundown of candidates for and against the rule, as well those who have yet to make a public statement, are listed below.

Anti-carbon rule

  • Jeb Bush: The former Florida governor said, “President Obama’s Carbon Rule is irresponsible and overreaching. The rule runs over state governments, will throw countless people out of work, and increases everyone’s energy prices.”
  • Marco Rubio: The Florida senator reminded us Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of the regulation and declared, “As president, I will immediately stop this massive regulation. I’ll pursue a sweeping overhaul of the regulatory system to make sure costs and benefits of new rules are accurately accounted for and that localities, states and industries can meet the timelines I set forward.”
  • Rand Paul: The Kentucky senator warned, “But in my state, this is going to be higher electric bills and it’s going to be more unemployment. So we’re steadfast against it, and I will do everything I can to repeal this rule.”
  • Chris Christie: The governor of New Jersey made a scathing statement about the plan and declared it “is yet another example of the Obama administration inappropriately reaching far beyond its legal authority to implement more onerous and burdensome regulations on businesses and state governments alike.”
  • Carly Fiorina: The former chief executive of Hewlett Packard and GOP hopeful told RealClearPolitics she would repeal the entire package of Environmental Protection Agency carbon emissions rules once in the White House. “They’re terrible. Every single one of them should be repealed,” she said.
  • Mike Huckabee: The former governor of Arkansas is adamant about his opposition and said it would “bankrupt families” and described the plan as part of a “carbon crusade.”
  • Ted Cruz: The Texas senator argued President Obama’s rule is a “lawless and radical attempt to destabilize the Nation’s energy system, is flatly unconstitutional and – unless it is invalidated by Congress, struck down by the courts, or rescinded by the next Administration – will cause Americans’ electricity costs to skyrocket at a time when we can least afford it.”
  • George Pataki: The former governor of New York opposed the president’s plan when he said, “This is a classic top-down, government-imposed solution. It will result in higher costs of energy, an increase in the vulnerability of the electrical supply, and I think it’s just completely wrong.”
  • Rick Santorum: If elected to the White House, the former Pennsylvania senator said he will swiftly reverse Obama’s final rule. At a 2016 presidential forum sponsored by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, Santorum stated, “The regulations that we’re seeing coming out of this administration have nothing to do with science. It’s like a quasi-religious crusade for them. They want to eliminate fossil fuels. They don’t care about the impact.”

Pro-carbon rule

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has made it known she’s an avid supporter of Obama’s plan and recently said, “It’s a good plan, and as President, I’d defend it.” Clinton also vowed to “build on” the plan, which is eerily similar to the 2009 cap and trade legislation she and President Obama both championed.

The former governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee publicly thanked the president and EPA for announcing the rule while Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley took to the Twittersphere to express support.

Mum’s the word

Candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jim Gilmore, Jim Webb, and Lindsey Graham have yet to oppose or support the rule. In December of 2014, Graham signed a letter to Gina McCarthy asking for the rule’s withdrawal, but has not made a public statement on the rule since its release in August.

As the countdown begins for tonight’s second Republican primary debate, it’s time to demand all presidential candidates show their true colors when it comes to Obama’s carbon plan.

Affordable energy prices, economic progress and our nation’s energy infrastructure are all at stake thanks to Obama’s aggressive plan. Make sure when you’re tuning in to tonight’s debate, you ask yourself not only who you want to see run our country, but who has the interest of hardworking, energy-using Americans in mind.

Make sure candidates answer your carbon plan questions during the CNN debate tonight. Submit your question by tweeting or visiting CNN’s website.

NEW VIDEO: Dale Jr., Business Owner

Much like a driver on the track, America needs the best tools and team to succeed.  Luckily, we have them right here within our borders—with coal.  With an affordable natural resource like coal, and an ambitious and determined community of small business owners across the country, America is poised to be on the road to recovery.

In order for this country to succeed, small businesses have to stay afloat in tough economic times.  That means us working together to make sure that companies can thrive and deliver resources at a reasonable cost.

Our partners at JR Motorsports know firsthand what it means to be victorious, both on the race track and in the business.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. knows that affordable power is important and necessary to keep a successful business running.

We count on small businesses like JR Motorsports to fuel America’s economy, and businesses count on coal to keep electricity prices low and budgets on track.

Watch our new video, featuring Dale Jr., and see how JR Motorsports relies on affordable, reliable power from coal.


It’s Time to Stop Harsh EPA Regulations

By Evan Tracey

Coal is a reliable and affordable source of electricity, and perhaps most importantly, it is abundant right here in America. Yet this administration and its EPA are about to make our greatest domestic source of energy more expensive by enacting unprecedented, unnecessary regulations. American families are already facing high prices at the gas pump, we don’t need new EPA regulations on coal hitting our wallets by increasing our electricity bills.

In addition to Fairness check our out other two new ads, Energy Economics 101 and Three Short Years. Share these with your friends and family on Facebook, and help spread the word: It’s time for the EPA to slow down.

Now Is The Time

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about energy in the United States. Whether it’s candidates, members of Congress or the president himself, energy is at the front of Americans’ minds. Now is the time to look closely at the reality of our energy needs. America needs affordable and reliable electricity today – right now. Our economy, our jobs, and our future can’t wait.

But thanks to coal, we don’t have to. Coal is this country’s most affordable, reliable and abundant natural resource.

As our new ad says, now is the time to get serious about energy prices and independence. Low-cost electricity from coal gives family budgets breathing room in these tough economic times and help support over 550,000 jobs. And our unsurpassed coal reserves deliver increasingly cleaner, consistently affordable electricity for small family homes to enormous factories.

We hope you’ll take this message to your friends and family, and let them know: Now is the time for clean coal in America.

Meet Robyn Hempfling of Dynamic Manufacturing

Robyn Hempfling doesn’t work for a coal company or an electric utility. She works for a company that makes high-tech circuit boards: Dynamic Manufacturing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Yet she knows that her company’s ability to keep people working and stay competitive depends on keeping electricity prices affordable. She knows that the success of her company relies on electricity generated by one of America’s most abundant resources – coal.

In this introductory video, Robyn explains how the cost of electricity not only affects her work life as a circuit board production supervisor, but her home life as well:

As Robyn says, her love for the outdoors and the environment is compatible with our need for affordable, reliable electricity through coal.

Coal’s affordability is also important when it comes to the competitiveness of the company she works for. In this video, Robyn points out that if electricity prices rise, the prices of Dynamic Manufacturing’s circuit boards could too. This could cause the Dynamic Manufacturing’s customers to look to its competitors – some that might be overseas – to get the products they need:

Here you can learn more about Robyn, her work at Dynamic Manufacturing and the importance of affordable electricity to manufacturing throughout the U.S.

ACCCE Statement On Finding From The White House Task Force On Clean Coal Technology

The following
statement was released today by the American Coalition for Clean Coal
Electricity (ACCCE) President and CEO Steve Miller after the Obama
Administration’s Interagency Task Force on Carbon Capture and Storage released
their comprehensive strategy. 


“We are gratified
that President Obama and his Administration have recognized that carbon capture
and storage (CCS) technology is an essential way to meet the nation’s goals to
reduce global concentrations of CO2.  Their report also acknowledges the
important role that coal has played and must continue to play in order to help
satisfy our nation’s energy needs and support economic growth.


“It is crucial that
there is broad agreement on the importance of the U.S. playing a dominant role
in developing these technologies, so that we can continue to tap our domestic
energy resources and create good, American jobs.


“We look forward to
carefully reviewing the task force’s work, and we will continue to work toward
an economically-sound path forward for the development of carbon capture and
storage (CCS) technology. 


“Coal generates
nearly half of our nation’s electricity, and continues to keep electricity
affordable and reliable for American families and businesses.  Thanks to clean
coal technology, new coal-fueled power plants will have the capacity to safely
capture and store carbon dioxide emissions.


“CCS represents the
next wave of clean coal technology, allowing us to safely capture and store
carbon dioxide.  Investments in this technology are critical, and we look
forward to a continued partnership between the private sector and the federal
government to ensure its development.”


Introducing Cheryl: A coal miner producing affordable energy for America

Today, we begin a new series of commercials and web extensions that feature real people telling their own stories about the importance of coal-based electricity. Not to sound like the announcer on “The People’s Court” (my sister loves that show), but these people are not actors. They are real people. They’re not reading a script. The film footage you see is the result of conversations each person had with Randy Snow (a member of our creative team) or me (talking to them off-camera).

Today, you meet Cheryl Brannan. Cheryl is actually a coal miner’s daughter who happens to be a coal miner herself.

Two things stand out from my conversations with Cheryl. The first is that Cheryl and the other folks who work at Black Thunder Mine (where we shot these commercials) take great pride in the work that they do: bringing affordable, reliable energy to the American consumer. Black Thunder Mine is one of the largest surface coal mines in the world. Black Thunder is near Gillette, Wyo., which is in the Powder River Basin. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there are more than 100 billion tons of coal in the Powder River Basin—coal the mining industry is able to produce very efficiently, which translates to low-cost electricity for consumers across the U.S. Cheryl gets that her job not only provides reliable electricity for people in other parts of the country—it also keeps energy costs affordable.

The other thing that I enjoyed from my conversations with Cheryl was the fact that she talked about safety in the mining industry. Some of you may remember that I first started working in the coal mining industry on issues related to miner safety. In our conversation, Cheryl not only talks about safety in terms of the commitment that employees make to one another but also how a safe mining operation helps to reduce costs, which contribute to affordable energy for consumers.

Every time I meet people like Cheryl, I’m reminded just how important the coal industry is to America. It represents a huge domestic resource that is available to provide affordable, reliable energy to fuel our economy and quality of life. I join Cheryl in saying that I’m proud of what this industry means for America.

But she is better at telling her story that I am. Take a look for yourself.