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Factuality Tour 2009: On the road again

Factuality_Badge_2National Communications Director Steve Gates just visited the 2009 Gasification Technologies Conference as part of the America’s PowerSM Factuality Tour. We’ll be posting his interviews and videos from the event over the next several days.

The America’s PowerSM Factuality Tour is back on the road, and this time we’re off to Colorado Springs for the 2009 Gasification Technologies Conference.

So what goes on at a conference like this? Well, it’s the gasification industry’s biggest event, full of expert presentations on the latest industry trends, developments and cutting-edge technologies. In fact, this year’s conference attracted nearly 750 attendees representing more than 400 companies and organizations from North America, Europe and Asia.

The strong attendance level can be attributed to several factors, including uncertainties surrounding future oil and natural gas prices as well as calls for more stringent control of fossil fuels’ environmental footprint – all of which play to the strengths of gasification technologies.

To learn more about gasification – and find out a little more about the event – I tracked down the conference’s director, Jim Childress of the Gasification Technology Council, and Neville Holt of the Electric Power Research Institute, who has been involved with the conference since its early days. These guys gave us a great overview of the conference and the field of gasification – and they both had a lot to say about how gasification can play an important role in producing low-emission electricity from coal in the very near future. Make sure you check out our video interviews with Jim and Neville to hear everything they had to say.

What they’re saying about clean coal technology

With climate change legislation passing through the Senate, we’ve heard many opinions from public officials on issues concerning energy policy and clean coal technology:

E&E News article (9/11): “Five influential coal-state Senate Democrats” — Sens. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Max Baucus of Montana, Mark Warner of Virginia, and Arlen Specter and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania – introduced draft legislation that “they say would help with the widespread commercial deployment of carbon capture and sequestration technologies.”

Bob McDonnell, Republican candidate for Virginia governor, CNBC (10/6): “We're one of the largest coal-exporting states in the country. We've actually got the largest coal exporting port in the world in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I'm a strong supporter of the coal industry. There's a lot of innovation going on with carbon sequestration … coal gasification that in another five or 10 years might provide another use of coal. It's going to be very good for Virginia.”

Our team also had the opportunity last week to attend the Gasification Technologies Conference in Colorado Springs, Colo., where emerging technologies were on display. We noted that:

Neville Holt of the Electric Power Research Institute (10/5): “What we got to do is operate the whole thing — coal to kilowatts and sequester the CO2 continuously at a million tons a year just as soon as we possibly can.”

Dave Freudenthal, Wyoming governor (10/5): “We should advocate, and advocate fairly broadly, for a fully diverse energy mix in this country going forward. That the current attitude of selecting technologies based on prejudice rather than on analysis is going to be, I think, the undoing of this country.”